Every day our eyes catch the light of our memories – time spent with family, the journey to work, a special holiday, a beautiful sunset or a dark starlit night. Each image captured is a picture drawn in light – a photograph: only to be lost in our minds or forever forgotten. Nearly two hundred years ago a small group of amateur scientists achieved what had eluded mankind for centuries – the ability to capture a permanent record of an image seen by their own eyes – a moment in time frozen onto a surface. They had discovered Photography. They were the ‘Catchers of the Light’.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Light Pollution in Athens Greece

Night-time light emissions over Greece on 19/09/2001

Modelling of light pollution in suburban areas using remotely sensed
imagery and GIS

C. Chalkiasa,*, M. Petrakisb, B. Psilogloub, M. Lianoub

Department of Geography, Harokopio University
Institute of Environmental Research and Sustainable Development, National Observatory of Athens, Greece


Primoz Cigler said...

You must admit that this picture is pretty old (2001). I have been in Athens this summer and I am sure that the situation is much worse now!

arasteo said...

You have absolutely right.
The light pollution now is at least a nightmare...!!!