Every day our eyes catch the light of our memories – time spent with family, the journey to work, a special holiday, a beautiful sunset or a dark starlit night. Each image captured is a picture drawn in light – a photograph: only to be lost in our minds or forever forgotten. Nearly two hundred years ago a small group of amateur scientists achieved what had eluded mankind for centuries – the ability to capture a permanent record of an image seen by their own eyes – a moment in time frozen onto a surface. They had discovered Photography. They were the ‘Catchers of the Light’.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Flaming Star Nebula - IC 405

HaRGB technique it's not my favorite, but it's the only way to show this dramatic flaming view !!!
Ha (Ha+R)GB
Ha:80'(8x10') R:50'(10x5') G:50'(10x5') B:80'(16x5')
total exposure 260min

Instruments and exposure data:
W.O FLT110 with dedicated TMB field flattener and FeatherTouch 3'' focuser
Starizona MicroTouch autofocuser
Filter Astrodon Hα 5nm
Astrodon RGB Filters

Astrobin Image of the Day 27 May 2014 
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